6 Feb 2012

The Super Bowl

I guess I am slowly getting in the "far-away" mood; so I decided to spend some time in front of the television following a cultural phenomenon deluxe...

So, there I found myself last night (about 12:30am our time btw) witnessing the kickoff to the US's most important sports event of the year, the world famous Super Bowl. Still wondering why the game is actually called "football" while people either carry or throw this thing which looks even less like a "ball" than what's between most male politicians' legs, I enjoyed watching an exciting four hours of tackling, blocking, passing and guys with padded asses. If there had been even a spark of patriotism within myself I probably should have rooted for New England as a certain Sebastian Vollmer (number 76) could have been the first German ever to win the Super Bowl. However, the guy was totally disgusting and so I followed my initial feeling of affection for New York and their share of the Manning Brothers and cheered at every good move they made. And I was well rewarded for that! The game was wonderful; exciting to the last minute, SECOND even. And after some good attempts of giving me a heart attack the spectacle ended 21-17 for the Giants which finally let me go to sleep with a smile on my face.

New item on the to-do-list for the trip:
- find bigass sports event while in the US and attend

: )

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