5 Apr 2012

Picture of the Day 04/04?... Nope, sorry...

Just wasting the day away - that probably best describes what we're up to here in Fort Myers, FL. That's also why there won't be a picture of the day today - simply because I was too lazy to take any pix today. The beaches here are covered with soft white sand and the colour of the water is somewhere between green and blue and it's clear and warm. The scenery couldn't be more beautiful in any dream and after the astonishing sunset yesterday it's hard to take that sooner or later we'll have to leave this radiant bit of paradise we found here. We bought a little umbrella and two beach chairs and build our own little oasis.
The sunset was a spectacle of its own. While racing towards the horizon the sun coloured the sky in the most passionate reds, vibrant yellows and warm oranges and after it united with its long missed friend the colours changed to all shades of purple and blue. It was one of those moments that you want to simply rewind and replay forever. However, all things must come to an end and so this will be the last evening at Ft. Myers. Let's see where we're going from here...

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