4 May 2012

"Dancing in the Moonlight, Singing in the Rain...

... oh it's good to be back home again"... (Blackmore's Night - in case you were wondering why I'd post such incoherent nonsense :-)) - Well, but yes.. In a way, it does feel good to be back home again. I missed REAL bread. Oh, and of course I missed my family, friends and... such ;-). No, seriously, I really missed my folks even though I could get used to the idea of living abroad. That's what somebody invented the Internet for, after all! After coming home I have to take care of a whole bunch of things; one of them being finding a decent job. So in case you are in need of somebody, let me know! Today I received a letter from the company that's supposed to repair my laptop. Cutting it short: they won't repair it. Unless I pay for it that is. Even though the device is still under warranty. Sigh... Not cool. And as if the day hadn't been bad enough already, I also found out that I didn't win the diversity lottery. Lalala. Anyways, stay tuned for more videos and ... stuff regarding my trip if you're still interested. (Just two days ago I found out that one of my friends is STILL checking this website every day... How cool is THAT?! Thanks, L.!)
;-) Adios for now...
 ~ Maria

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