9 Sept 2014

It's the final countdown (badadaaa daaam - bada dadadaaam)

Well then, here we are again; just hours away from new adventures thousands of miles away from home... Home? In danger of sounding rather repetitive: home is where the heart is. (I was actually just looking for some greasy heart-emoticon to squeeze in there but apparently not much has changed here on blogger since I posted my last message more than 2 years ago..) Though I have a little bit of work ahead of me that leaves me with a fairly uncomfortable feeling deep down in my stomach I am already pretty excited. I realised I should go on holiday more often; my place looks immaculate! Well, as immaculate as my place could ever get. The only thing that's still a bit messy is my couch, Steve. At the moment he's covered with little velcro padding pieces. Not too long ago I bought a backpack for my DSLR equipment that has all kinds of neat little adjustables. Actually being the utter idiot you guys take me for, I had to take the whole thing apart completely in order to squeeze my tablet in there as well somehow. The tablet idea didn't work out very well - neither did the "putting it all back together"-part... A triumph deluxe -.- I have spent more than two hours trying to put everything back in there the way it was when it arrived, but nope... Here I am - solving a Rubik's in under 2 min (I know - that's not even a time to be proud of but hey, still not too bad) but unable to solve the mystery of my camera backpack. Even Professor Layton would falter and fall about this one, I betcha! Time to go get ready for Lueneburg -.-

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