22 Sept 2014

Mississippi Dreaming

Laissez les bons temps rouler!
It has been two days since we took off from New Orleans but my thoughts still circle around the countless impressions and events the Big Easy has left me with. Of course we didn't escape the typical tourist stuff; from begneits at the Café du Monde to a steamboat lunch tour up and down the Mississippi River on the Natchez and all of it was great fun.The city's real magic, however, happens in your mind. The smell of patchouli creeping out of the numerous little voodoo stores, the mysterious shapes and shadows wandering about the streets during nightfall, the little gas powered lanterns that barely shed enough light on the pavement to see where your next step is taking you in the streets a little remote from famous Bourbon street where the music never stops playing and throats never get dry.... All that invades your thoughts and makes you wonder, as you look up the beautiful yet daunting colonial houses, what the streets of Nola may have witnessed during their long and eventful history. A mighty mist of mystery wraps around the beautiful Vieux Carré as you hear a jazz tune played on a lonely trumpet echoing from the little park by the waterfront. Dreamy, scary and incredibly haunting.
Thank you, New Orleans, for an unforgettable experience. We shall meet again.

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