16 Mar 2012

Modern Times...

In Charlie Chaplin's famous "Modern Times" the Tramp struggles to survive in a world that has been changing so rapidly around him that it is difficult for him to catch up with it. When I think of Modern Times these days, I think of the simplicity of roaming through a world in which almost every information seems to be only one click away. In San Francisco I fed my phone a simcard with Internet access and can now book hotels while on the road, check out the closest place to eat, or simply find more info on whatever sight appears in front of my eyes here. I love being a child of the MTV generation and I love being here in these particular Modern Times. You may call it laziness, I call it comfort.
Bird is the Word
We arrived in Monterey yessterday and enjoyed the beautiful view on the Pacific while driving down Highway 1. Apart from a very nice park ranger who recommended a few cool places to us we also met this little fellow in the picture. He simply wouldn't move no matter how close you'd get to him. So we took a bunch of pictures and when we got back into our car he ran after us, jumped on the bonnet and wouldn't leave even when we started the car. The only thing that spoiled the experience a little was the weather. The rain still wants to be best friends with us even though we frequently ask him to leave. What a nagger! The plan for today is to go further South in our "cute little" rental car. I still cannot believe that the car we got is supposed to be in the SMALLEST rental car class! This proves once again that we are in the States; everything is just a little bigger than at home :-).

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