11 Mar 2012

The T-Shirt Neglect Dilemma...

Today I realised that I have about 100 t-shirts; I think even more than that. And now imagine how difficult it is to pick only a handful of them - hmpf. If you choose one particular shirt you're telling all the others that you don't love them as much at the same time - how cruel! Having successfully managed to get my crap together, though, I can finally take care of my digital "baggage" and am currently shovelling music onto my MP3 player. At this point, picking 5 t-shirts out of a hundred seems ridiculously easy - compared to picking a few songs out of a zillion...

In der Zwischenzeit habe ich aber eine weltverändernde Information bei Facebook aufgetan, die mir während der Musik-Hin-und-Her-Schieberei ein breites Grinsen beschert hat...


  1. Immerhin sind es T-Shirts (nicht einmal Girlies!) und keine SCHUHE! ;-)

    ~ M


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